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    When it comes to home and business owners in the St. Louis Metro-East area, they rely on their HVAC systems to keep them cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. However, when your furnace or air conditioner finally fails you, you’ll need a plan for repair, and fast! At Delta Heating & Cooling, we provide commercial and residential heating and air services for people across the area. Our family-owned and operated business take care of you with repair for all makes and models and convenient 24hour emergency service!

    We spend a lot of time servicing our residential customers. However, we’re also the leading choice for local businesses when it comes to servicing air conditioners, furnaces and providing air quality services. Whether it’s the middle of the night or smack in the middle of your business day, we’re on the call with the service you need to keep things up and running. We count on our local businesses, and they count on us to make sure offices, workshops, retail shops and more are comfortable for their customers and staff.

    Problems with your HVAC systems? Don’t wait to report a problem that could be holding your system back. Contact our staff for a free estimate on heating or air conditioning repairs!

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    We are one of the area’s leading heating and cooling companies with over 30 years of experience. We’ve built a reputation around professionalism, high standards and fast, same day service the means the solutions to your problems are always just one phone call away.

  • Beware of HVAC Scams!

    Delta Heating & Cooling is committed to going the extra mile in order to exceed the standards set by our customers. We employ a friendly, helpful staff that truly take pride in their work, which helps us ensure expert workmanship and customer service that makes customers feel like a part of the family. Don’t settle for a company that treats you like a number and just wants your money. We provide high-quality service without gouging you with our prices. 

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  • When it comes to home comfort systems, it’s vital to have your system regularly maintained by a licensed contractor to ensure a long lifespan. Regular maintenance includes cleaning, repairing parts and catching small problems before they become big ones.  Contact us to help you protect your investment! 

  • Dirty Air Filters

    The most important maintenance task that you can do yourself is replacing an air filter.  This helps reduce the amount of particles, pathogens and allergens in your home’s air supply. Additionally, neglecting to change the filter to cause a reduction in air quality and HVAC system efficiency.

  • Pilot Light or Ignition Problems

    Ignition problems and pilot light problems can be the source of many furnace problems. Whether it’s a dirty pilot, lousy flame sensor, faulty thermocouple or something else, our team has the skills needed to provide fast repairs that keep your system running for longer.

  • Thermostat Malfunctions

    Whether you have a programmable thermostat, analog thermostat or smart thermostat, our technicians have the experience to install, repair and program thermostats for optimal efficiency and performance, even in the most extreme of temperatures.

  • Mechanical Wear & Tear

    There are so many moving parts when it comes to your heating and cooling system. In fact, just one tiny problem could mean the shutdown of your entire system. Over time, parts and components of your system will develop wear. Regular maintenance checks will help find these problems before they happen!

  • While you should hear some noises while your furnace or air conditioner is in operation, unordinary sounds could mean more significant problems.  Have an experienced professional inspect your system to determine the cause of the loud noise. We provide free heating and cooling estimates!

  • Blown Fuses or Tripped Breakers

    Many times, a furnace or air conditioning unit will trip a breaker or blow a fuse because it is working too hard to heat and cool your home. Sometimes, this can be due to a clogged filter that hasn’t been changed. This blocks the air and makes the blower work harder, which eventually trips the breaker or blows a fuse. 

  • When it comes to inefficient heating or air conditioning systems, many times, this can be due to dirty coils. When the owner neglects to change the filter, dust can build up on the inner components of your system. When the coils get covered in dust, the unit must work doubly hard to heat and cool the air. 

  • Heating and cooling systems produce condensation when they run. In fact, it’s important to have proper drainage away from the unit to prevent problems of flooding, mold or water damage. If you notice water, contact our staff to schedule an inspection of your system to determine the cause of the leak. 

  • There could be a number of reasons that your blower is always running. You may have the setting to “on” instead of “auto.” Also, poor efficiency and extreme temperatures could cause your system to be running non-stop to maintain a common temperature. Finally, this may be a problem with your thermostat, too. 

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  • Testimonials

  • Very honest and straightforward a pleasure to work with! Fixed my nieces air conditioning for her did a great job!!!

    Madonna H.

  • I've been dealing with Delta a number of years and they have always been super responsive. My furnace recently died and owner Fred came out quickly to repair. After weighing my options I bit the bullet and decided to replace the piece of junk furnace with a new high-efficiency one. I could rave about the quality of the work, reasonable prices, etc. But the most important thing to me is trust. I trust Fred to point me in the right direction, I trust that he'll be fair and I trust his honesty so much that I felt safe giving him a key to the house to come in and replace the furnace while I was at work (where it was much warmer). I'm warm and toasty now but know if I do have any issues Fred and the team at Delta will take care of things.

    Vicki W.

  • They've come out twice since December when we bought our house. Very fast, efficient and knows what they're doing!! Had them come out for the 2nd time today to fix my ac. They knew exactly what was wrong, had it fixed and working in less than 5 mins. 60 less than the next cheapest place in town!!! I won't call anyone else for my ac/heat needs!

    Bard H.

  • My air stop working on a day when the temperatures were in the 90s. Having had it serviced through my home warranty company with a different A/C company less than 30 days prior, I was upset that they were going to send the same company back out. Instead, I reached out to Delta Heating a cooling and they came right away. The Technician Freddie Identified the problem in less then 5min, "the motor is wired incorrectly", Which is what the last company replaced. They had wired their motor wrong and almost caused it to burn out. Freddie fixed the issue in less than 15min. He had a great attitude, was very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. I will call Delta Heating and Cooling for all of my Hvac/heating and air conditioning needs. Even if that means going outside of my home warranty insurance because that other guy is no longer welcome at my home.

    Tabitha D.

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